Saturday, November 28, 2009

உதவி தேவை நண்பர்களே!!!

ஏற்கனவே இட்லிவடையில் வந்ததுதான். இன்னும் வந்து சேர்ந்த உதவிகள் போதுமானதாயில்லை. எனக்கு வந்த தகவல்கள் உண்மையானதுதான் என்பதை என்னால் முடிந்தவரை நன்கு விசாரித்துவிட்டேன். இணைய நண்பர்கள் கண்டிப்பாக உதவுவார்கள் என்ற நம்பிக்கையிலேயே இந்தப் பதிவு. இந்தப் பதிவின் மூலம் நண்பர் பாலமுருகனுக்கு ஒரிருவராவது உதவினால், மிகுந்த மகிழ்ச்சிக்குள்ளாவேன்.

One of my friend (Balamurugan) who is working at Cognizant suffering from T Cell Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (A type of Blood Cancer).He was admitted in CMC Hospital, Vellore. He has got a survival chance of 80% when he finds a proper Donor who can match unrelated allergenic stem cell transplantation(related to Bone Marrow Transplantation).The estimated cost of this treatment would be Rs.70,00,000(Seventy Lakhs).

I would appreciate if you could contribute/Donate your money for his treatment. The money you donate would be one of your general expense but it can save a life. After all we earn money every month to spend. Let’s spend money for a Nobel purpose. Seventy Lakhs is not a small amount for a person coming from a normal middle class family. Let’s join our hands to save a life.

For more details contact my number: 98841 58575

ICICI Account No: 021201511398

ICICI Account Name: Sheik Mohamed Sithik Ali

Branch: Santhome

Note: I make a humble request you to take initiative and contact your friends on behalf of me. And, collect money in person or to your account and later transfer to me, so that I can hand over to our friend.

You can contribute whatever the amount. Please join me to save his life.

Note: Bala has undergone 2 cycles of chemotherapy (It will be done periodically). CMC is in the process of finding the donor. Our friends are also in touch with DATRI (Stem cell Donors Registry, Abiramapuram, Chennai - 18). As Chemo is very costly process, it is better how fast we can reach a suitable donor. Let us pray for his speedy recovery

Patient Details ********************************

Christian Medical College Vellore Association,
Current Account No. 10404158238
Bank Name - State Bank of India
Vellore Town branch,
Br code - 1618
Vellore - 632004
Swift no - SBININBB473
Patient Name - Balamurugan Gnanaprakasam (Refer Patient Name and Hospital No in the transaction remarks)
Hospital No. 558129D

POC Contacts

Chennai - Kalyani V (104363 ) - 91-44-43583697

US - Kandaswamy Shanmuga(110999) - 201 680 2278

UK - Saranya Jayadev (158703) - 207 163 5074

Note: CTS employee Id given along with POC’s name… This will be useful for CTS employees for contacting the POC

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